Workers’ compensation cases can vary because circumstances vary. Overexertion, slip and falls, getting struck by an object, machinery accidents, workplace violence, transportation accidents — these happen every day in any work environment. If you work in an office away from heavy machinery, it doesn’t matter. You’re at risk, too. That’s why workers’ compensation laws were created and why employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. And, that’s why a workers’ compensation lawyer who specializes in this type of law protects your rights. If you get injured, there is little risk in hiring an attorney because attorneys are paid on a contingency basis.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is paid only if one of three things occur:

  • Your benefits are denied, and a lawyer files a petition and is successful in getting an award of benefits for you. You get your benefits back and the attorney’s cut is 20%.
  • You’re receiving benefits, but not the insurance company challenges your right to continued benefits.. An attorney defends your rights and successfully proves that you are entitled to ongoing benefits. The attorney’s payment is 20% of your weekly wage check.
  • Employer agrees to lump sum payment in exchange for a release of your right to future benefits.. In this case, an attorney helps you evaluate and negotiate a fair resolution. The fee is 20% of the amount which the case is settled. whether this is financially in your favor. When a lump sum is negotiated, an attorney’s cut is 20%.

A contingency system works in favor of the injured worker because if you lose your case, your attorney does not get paid. They will fight for you because they have a stake in the game, but with our firm it’s more than that. Sure, the money is important but so is the justice and protection of workers’ rights. We all need to make a living and provide for ourselves and our family. Think of it this way. A workers’ compensation attorney is on your team just as your employer and its insurance provider has attorneys on its team. We make it a fair fight.

We offer free consultations so we can discuss your case without the burden of payment. When you are injured and not working, the last thing you need is more stress and worry. Contact us and we’ll help you turn your life around.