How Long Can I Collect Workers’ Compensation?

When you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation system protects employees and employers. Employees receive medical treatment and are compensated for lost wages associated with work-related injuries and disease, and employers provide for the cost of coverage while being protected from direct costly lawsuits by [...]

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Are Concussions Covered Under PA Workers’ Compensation Act?

A concussion can happen anywhere, even at the safest workplace. Of course, they are more common in workplaces which require physical work like construction sites and warehouses, but they can occur in settings as safe as a business office. Regardless of where they occur they cause devastating brain damage. That’s why everyone should know that [...]

2022-08-22T10:43:33-04:00March 28th, 2022|Workers' Compensation|

Covid-19 Tests the Parameters of the Exclusive Remedy Provision

These days, employees with Covid-19 are trying in vain to prove “willful or wanton disregard for employee safety,” but even that can be insufficient to overcome the exclusivity provisions of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Workers’ compensation is the “exclusive remedy” for job-related injuries because, in most cases, it gives employers immunity from civil lawsuits [...]

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Do You Have a Solid Workers’ Compensation Case?

You’ve been injured on the job, but how do you know your case is worth your time and energy? Will your claim be successful or are you better off paying your medical bills yourself? This shouldn’t be a tough question, but it’s one that many injured workers ask themselves because they don’t understand their rights. [...]

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Supreme Court Clarifies The Traveling Employee Rule

With more and more employees switching to a mobile working environment, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to “the traveling employee” rule of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Recently, in a unanimous decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for the first time clarified the standards that apply under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation [...]

2022-03-29T12:43:51-04:00January 12th, 2022|Legal News, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries|

Injured and Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Comp Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know.

If you get injured on the job and your employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, you can still recover benefits under the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund (UEGF). Established in 2006 by the Pennsylvania legislature, the UEGF is an employee’s safety net protecting them from the high costs of medical care, loss of wages and a [...]

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Choosing a Doctor for Your Work Injury

After 90 days you have total control over which doctor you see when you are hurt on the job. Before that, your employer might give you a list of panel doctors and force you to see their doctor. This means, your interest isn’t always considered. Jim Monaghan, a certified workers’ compensation attorney serving [...]

2022-08-22T10:50:12-04:00October 9th, 2021|Workers' Compensation|

Are You Being Underpaid Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Jim Monaghan, a workers’ compensation attorney in Montgomery County, helps injured workers get the money they deserve when they’re hurt on the job. The benefits received depend on the average weekly wage calculation. This number can be calculated in many ways. Sometimes insurance companies, who don’t have the injured worker’s interests in mind, [...]

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Can I Lose My Job for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Many injured workers wonder if their employer has to hold his or her job when they file a workers’ comp claim and if their job is protected while on workers’ compensation. It is against the law to get fired simply for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Jim Monaghan, a personal injury and workers' [...]

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Is My Pre-Existing Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when a preexisting injury is aggravated from a new injury at work. For example, you hurt your back years ago and it got better, but now you hurt it again at work. It doesn’t matter that you hurt your back previously because it’s a new injury [...]

2022-08-22T11:02:44-04:00October 9th, 2021|Workers' Compensation|
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