Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Protection Using An Attorney

The country of the United States and the state of Pennsylvania have bankruptcy laws in place to protect those who may not be able to pay back the debts that they owe, and this bankruptcy protection allows individuals and businesses to protect themselves from creditors and other entities while they take the time to reorganize [...]

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Can Filing Bankruptcy Help You Avoid Eviction If You Are Behind In Rent?

Rental Arrears Discharge Laws In Pennsylvania Many Montgomery County, Pennsylvania who are going through tough financial times may ultimately fall behind on various bills. One of these bills can be rental payments for your house, townhouse, apartment or condo. A common misconception is that bankruptcy only offers financial relief to homeowners who are behind on their mortgage [...]

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Going Bankrupt With Student Loans In Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy in the state of Pennsylvania is a process in which debts that are unable to be paid are restructured or eliminated altogether. While this may seem like an attractive option to some that are overwhelmed with student loan debts, filing for bankruptcy can cause a person’s credit score to take a major hit for [...]

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Qualifying For A Mortgage After Filing Bankruptcy In Pennsylvania

Home ownership is an integral part of the American dream. Everyone wants their own little piece of paradise, but with the recent problems in the real estate market and the economy in general, a lot of people wonder whether or not they will actually qualify for a mortgage.  This is especially the case with individuals who have already faced a foreclosure or a [...]

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