The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a rapid shift towards remote work and virtual meetings. This shift has affected various industries and the legal system is no exception. In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation hearings have been moved to virtual platforms as a means of ensuring safety while continuing to provide access to justice.

Virtual technology has enabled workers’ compensation hearings to continue without the need for in-person attendance. This was particularly important during the pandemic when social distancing measures were necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. By allowing hearings to be conducted virtually, injured workers, attorneys, and judges were able to participate from the safety of their homes or offices. But this practice has now become the norm.

One of the key benefits of virtual technology for workers’ compensation hearings in Pennsylvania is the increased accessibility it provides. In the past, injured workers may have faced challenges attending hearings in person due to a lack of transportation or physical limitations. By conducting hearings virtually, injured workers can participate from anywhere with an internet connection, removing geographical and physical barriers.

It is critical to review your technology in advance of a hearing.  There are various solutions to technology hurdles.  It is important to log in to the hearing several days in advance to confirm that you have access. It is also critical to remember that despite the virtual nature of a hearing, you should conduct yourself as though you were live in court.

It is important to understand that workers’ compensation is a complicated area of the law.  The insurance company has lawyers.  Shouldn’t you?  Call the Law Offices of James V. Monaghan for a free consultation from an attorney certified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as a specialist in Workers’ Compensation.