Child Support Significantly Affects Workers’ Compensation. Here’s What you need to know.

Perhaps you have just settled a workers’ compensation case and your payment includes a lump sum settlement. Don’t be surprised if the amount you thought you would receive is less than expected if you had back-owed child support or any non-paid child support. Workers’ compensation settlements are generally exempt from creditor claims; however, child support [...]

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How Much Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Charge?

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you might be considering hiring a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you develop a strategy by gathering medical evidence, negotiating a favorable settlement or representing you at a workers’ comp hearing. But here’s the most important factor to understand: workers’ comp lawyers charge only if certain contingent [...]

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Top 5 Factors Affecting a Workers’ Comp Settlement

Workers’ compensation is one of those benefits that’s never top of mind until you need it. It may seem fairly straight forward. You get injured on the job so you get paid. But what if you can never return to your job? What if your position is filled? What if the employer shuts down? What [...]

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How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gets Paid

Workers’ compensation cases can vary because circumstances vary. Overexertion, slip and falls, getting struck by an object, machinery accidents, workplace violence, transportation accidents — these happen every day in any work environment. If you work in an office away from heavy machinery, it doesn’t matter. You’re at risk, too. That’s why workers’ compensation laws were [...]

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