Learn How the Process of Bankruptcy Works in Pennsylvania

Not being able to pay bills such as your mortgage, car payments and property taxes can be a terrifying experience. It seems that once you are late it snowballs out of control almost immediately. As unnerving as this experience is it is important that you do have options that will prevent you from losing your [...]

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How to Value a Personal Injury Claim

Valuing a claim for personal injuries is not an exact science. I rely upon my years of experience as well as my vast network of resources to arrive at what I believe to be a reasonable value. I explain this in detail to my client. Ultimately my client has the authority and I will wholeheartedly [...]

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Client Testimonial

Janine Kirby sustained a traumatic brain injury at work five years ago and she continues to have serious affects on her ability to work. It is heartbreaking to see a client go through that complete change in their life. It is my passion to see they get what they deserve.

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Law Offices of James V. Monaghan

Since 1991, I have been a trusted and professionally-recognized attorney offering an array of legal services in areas of workers’ compensation, personal injury and consumer bankruptcy. For more than 27 years, my practice has helped clients in the Philadelphia area (Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Delaware counties) as well as throughout the Commonwealth, obtain justice as [...]

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