It’s hard enough being injured on the job and now that you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim, you’re probably inundated with paperwork. It’s important not to overlook Employee Verification forms. They’re not junk mail!

There are three Employee Verifications forms: Employees Report of Wages (LIBC 750), Employees Report of Benefits (LIBC 756) and Employees Verification of Benefits (LIBC 760). These forms must be completed and sent to the compensation insurance carrier. Failure to do so can lead to a complete suspension of your wage loss benefit check. The PA Workers’ Compensation Act allows for certain credits for the insurance carrier for any earnings or certain benefits received after a work injury. It’s vital to be completely truthful and accurate when completing these forms because failure to complete the forms or to complete them inaccurately can lead to suspension of benefits and even possible criminal charges.

A Few Tips to Safeguard Yourself:

  • Fill the forms out completely, truthfully and accurately
  • Make copies for yourself
  • Send them by certified mail

If you are a client of mine, I encourage you to bring the forms to my office and let us return them to the insurance carrier and/or defense counsel. There is no charge to you. If you are a new client, I offer free consultations and can help you complete the forms and explain how your earnings and/or benefits affect your workers compensation claim. I work on a contingency which means I don’t get paid unless I obtain benefits for you. It’s that simple.