Tune into WWDB-AM Talk 860’s Healthbridge Highlight Hour this Wednesday from noon to 1pm when I’ll be giving helpful tips and information regarding workers’ compensation and personal injury law.

Healthbridge Highlight Hour is a podcast focused on chiropractic patient care available in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas. The goal of each hour is to educate people on how chiropractic therapy is highly effective for those suffering from musculoskeletal issues.

Musculoskeletal pain is pain that affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones which often occurs as the result of automobile accidents and accidents on the job.

I’ll be answering questions and sharing information related to patient care as it pertains to workers’ compensation and personal injury law. I’m happy to join a team of doctors who strive to always provide compassionate and conservative care with the patient’s wellbeing in the forefront.

During the hour, we will talk about the importance of seeking medical care right away after an accident. Often victims of injury feel fine at first, but 24-48 hours later, they’re injuries materialize after the body has had time to recover from the initial accident. This is called delayed onset and is very common. I’ll also discuss how to talk about the injury when the insurance company contacts you so that we can maximize your claim.

You can listen in to the podcast using this link.

I also have valuable information regarding workers’ compensation claims and personal injury law in my workers’ compensation guide and auto accident guide.

I’m always available to discuss potential workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Initial consultations are free.