Plymouth Meeting Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you have been injured while on the job, anywhere in the Plymouth Meeting area, or anywhere else in the state or county, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, including financial compensation. After sustaining an injury while carrying out work-related tasks, the first thing you should do is see an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in your area.

That’s why you should reach out to me, Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer James V. Monaghan. We can discuss the details of your work and the resulting injury in a private, confidential environment, and there is no fee unless I recover damages for you.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Is The Best Thing For Your Case

One of the most commonly asked questions by those that have just been injured on the job is “do I need a lawyer?” While many people might be confident in their ability to recover damages, the truth is, there is much more that a lawyer can do for you than you can do for yourself. The right local attorney can bring your case significant benefits, including a larger potential recovery.

Even if you manage to get the insurance company to accept your claim and you recover some damages, without a lawyer there is a good chance that they may stop those benefits prematurely. Your lawyer will, most importantly, act as your personal advocate when dealing not only with your employer but the workers’ compensation insurance company and adjuster. They will fight hard to make sure you recover every benefit and bit of compensation that you may be entitled to.

There are instances where it may even seem silly to get a lawyer, but even the smallest injuries can become the biggest headaches down the road. For example, something as simple as a small cut or scrape may not immediately jump out at you as reason to call a lawyer, and you may decide to pursue the workers’ compensation claim yourself. Let’s say in this case, the insurer jumps at the chance to cut you a lowball check and get you out of their hair, and since it’s a payout for a small cut, you feel like you just won the lottery. But what happens if that cut somehow gets infected, and ends up putting you in the hospital for a few weeks due to a blood infection? Now you have a settled claim, a small payout, and a massive pile of medical bills to deal with. That’s a great example of why even the smallest claims should have legal representation.

Your Lawyer Will Have Knowledge & Experience You Don’t

If you are hurt at work and need to go to the hospital, and are subsequently out of work for a few weeks during your recovery, you may not be aware of all the various damages you might be entitled to. A lawyer will, though. They will know every obscure category and reason that you will be able to demand compensation.

Most people think that even with serious workers’ compensation claims for severe injuries, all you can be compensated for are your medical bills and missed work, but this is far from the truth. You may be able to recover damages for missed overtime, compensation for scarring, benefits for your spouse or dependent children, etc.

Another thing your lawyer will be much better at is communicating with the insurer, and making sure they don’t drag their feet. Insurance companies are famous for dragging out claims until you’re desperate enough to take any lowball offer they throw at you, sometimes even delaying until they can find a reason to deny the claim entirely. Since your lawyer is your advocate and personal legal representative, they will make sure the insurance company makes progress on the claim, and will know what the best course of action is if the claim is denied. They may feel it’s best to appeal to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, or they may feel that another course of action will provide better results. Either way, they’ll know the options and the process, whereas the average person may not even know what all their options are.

Contact A Plymouth Meeting Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Reach out today to me, Attorney James V. Monaghan for a free consultation regarding your case. There is no cost to retain my services, and I take my fee from the benefits I get you including a possible lump sum payment. the insurance agency will pay you.