Carpal Tunnel and the Burden of Proof

Fingers and wrists tingle as they flex from a condition caused by compression of the median nerve that travels through a very narrow tunnel in a human wrist. Even a small amount of swelling will cause pain. This pain in the wrist is known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The most common cause is repetitive [...]

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How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gets Paid

Workers’ compensation cases can vary because circumstances vary. Overexertion, slip and falls, getting struck by an object, machinery accidents, workplace violence, transportation accidents — these happen every day in any work environment. If you work in an office away from heavy machinery, it doesn’t matter. You’re at risk, too. That’s why workers’ compensation laws were [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits 101

All employees should understand their rights when it comes to workers’ compensation and injuries at work because accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, no matter what your occupation is. Here is a quick breakdown to the law in Pennsylvania. An Overview The state of Pennsylvania defines workers’ compensation as a state-mandated, no fault insurance [...]

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Why You CAN Afford a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury or illness, you might be considering hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. Montgomery County lawyer Jim Monaghan explains how there are no fees unless the workers’ compensation attorney wins your case. If you lose, there is no fee. It is essential to work with a certified workers’ compensation [...]

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status

No matter whether you are employee or an employer, understand the distinction between an independent contractor and employee status. In order to be entitled to workers' compensation a person must be considered an “employee.”  Sometimes, employers attempt to avoid certain tax and insurance obligations by claiming that their workers are independent contractors and therefore not [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

Here are some easy explanations to frequently asked questions about Workers' Compensation: Do I need a lawyer? A workers' compensation lawyer only gets paid if he or she gets you benefits through settlement or award from a judge or if he or she defeats a challenge by the insurance company to cut off or change [...]

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Five Workers’ Compensation Myths

Workers' Compensation often has some common misconceptions, especially in Pennsylvania. Here are the top five Workers' Compensation myths: I Don't Need a Lawyer to file a Workers' Compensation Claim. The insurance company has an attorney and they do this 24/7. This is probably your first Workers' Compensation case. How do you know what your rights [...]

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Healthcare Workers Injuries

Healthcare Industry Workers Compensation Attorney Pottstown Healthcare workers of all types have the capacity of being injured during a typical work day. They have very demanding jobs that require them to repeat many of the same movements.  Healthcare workers are also at risk of contracting an infection, disease or illness if they come into contact [...]

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Medical Benefits and Reimbursements

Learn the series of rules and regulations that govern what medical treatment you can receive when you are injured at work in Montgomery County, Plymouth Meeting, Norristown, Pottstown, King of Prussia, Philadelphia and the Poconos. Learn about panel doctors, the first doctor you can see after being injured, and how, after 90 days, you [...]

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